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Uwezu - 16 - 'Murica - 78% insane

Noiao Log 10 by Q子

Permission to reprint and translate has been given. Do not repost without her consent, it is also stated in her pixiv self introduction.

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I wonder what Levi would be like as a Titan…nevermind.



反撃の翼~snk official art


反撃の翼~snk official art


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 What’s right from wrong? What’s good from evil? Nobody can truly distinguish between them. Even if there was a god. Now, supposing a god and his world existed, even then I’d stop and think for myself. I’d decide for myself whether his teachings are right or wrong. I put faith in my own convictions as to what I believe is right, and consider them to be righteous." - Near

Honey-senpai (ᅌᴗᅌ* )

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we live in the era of smart phones and stupid people

To see how much I can display my talent without going over the “limits” of a third son… That is like having a canvas already set inside a formidable frame, and trying to create the best painting atop it. That is my role.

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Free! - Tachibana Makoto (´∀`)

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We are shards of chaos, you and I;

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